Creating a Business Card That Stands Out from the Crowd


Even in this digital age a business card remains one of the most important self promotional tools any professional can have. Some have attempted to popularize the idea of cellphone to cellphone digital business cards but they really haven’t caught on yet. But if everyone has a business card what are the best ways you can make yours stand out from the crowd? Here are some great tips for doing just that:

Add a Headshot

These days, especially with the rise of business social networking via sites like Linkedin and Twitter, every professional really should have a headshot photo in the same way as an entertainer. and if you are going to make the investment in sitting for such a portrait session why not maximize its’ usefulness by adding the image to your business cards as well as your social profiles and email signatures?

By adding an appropriate headshot image to a well designed business card not only will you be adding an extra shot of visual interest but a way to ensure that even months after handing a card over that the recipient will remember just who it relates to and maybe why they should call you.

Choose a Striking Color Palette

The simple fact is that no matter what industry you work in a black and white business card is boring and has very little chance of ever standing out in a stored stack of such things. What colors you choose is rather important though. take a little time to learn about the basic psychology of color and choose a color scheme that sends the right message. For example, as blues and greys are considered to be rather serious and authoritative colors they would be an excellent choice for a lawyer, while yellows and reds, which are exciting and bold, might not.

Avoid Stock Images and Generic Clip Art

If you have ever used one of those cheap, make your own business cards online services you know that often in creating your ‘design’ you will be given the option to add a stock image, logo or icon. the problem is that thousands of others have been offered the same options before, so the chances you will be creating something special and memorable are very slim. If you want to add imagery to your business cards make the the investment in the work of a professional designer who will be able to create something that is unique to you rather than a business cards that is disturbingly similar to many other people’s.

Think Outside the Box on Shape

A business card does need to fit into a standard wallet slot in order for it to be most useful it does not necessarily have to conform to the standard rectangular shape. Consider adding cutouts, decoratively cut edges or opting for a different shape altogether, such as an oval or long sided triangle.

Take Inspiration From Others

Some people take the time to get truly creative with their business cards. It is not always the best idea in some industries but often a little creativity can go a long way. Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery of truly inventive business cards that spans all kinds of job titles and business genres below.

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