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Here are some of the press/links and comments associated with the different issues:

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March Back to Top
http://issuu.com/jeremylevine  March 
'This is optical pornography for info-graphics junkies like me.'
http://tinyurl.com/n4foko / http://as-map.com/blog/  march | FR
http://www.julienbayle.net/  [02|03|2009]
http://kendalricher.com/blog/?p=229 - Designerd Monday, May 4th, 2009
'As a designer, it’s more or less likely that at some point in your career you will be called upon to create an infographic to visually illustrate some complex set of data. And it’s more or less likely that you will dread doing so. 

To make things easier, Visualisation Magazine has come out with its’ second issue, dedicated to the art of the infographic. Within the virtual pages you can find tons of inspiration, and wonder at the massive pools of information some unlucky souls have had to chart'

http://whatype.com/2009/03/07/visualisation-magazine-volume-2-circles  March 7, 2009
'check it out because it includes some amazing works from some brilliant people around the world.'
http://twitter.com/JeffClark/status/1291468963 - NeoFormix author 3:22 AM Mar 7th
http://www.richardbanks.com/trends/?p=10651  March 9th, 2009
http://www.latebytes.nl/archives/2009/03/tijdschrift-vis.html  March 12, 2009 | NL
http://johncaswell.com/blog/?p=363  March 19, 2009
'Just a beautiful example of the power of visualization and the growing 

application of stunning creativity wrapped around the representation of familiar 

data. I cannot add much other than to say sit back and enjoy this.'

April Back to Top
http://thesis.armina.info/node/103  02/04/2009 | BE
http://twitter.com/openprocessing/status/1575268464  3:28 PM Apr 21st
'simply superb! Great inspiration.'
http://coolinfographics.blogspot.com/2009/04/circles-visualisation-volume-2.html  Tuesday, April 21, 2009
'a fantastic job putting these together'
http://jane.dallaway.com/blog/2009/04/data-visualisation-links.html  Tuesday, April 21, 2009
'Visualisation Volume 2 which explores the use of circles as visualisation tools. 

Finding this also resulted in me exploring Visualisation Volume 1. Both of these are good illustrations on the many ways to report data'

http://bclgrh.blogspot.com/2009/04/visualisation.html  April 22, 2009
http://fredosfridays.blogspot.com/2009/04/fredos-fridays-53.html  Wednesday, April 22, 2009
'Visualization Magazine is hot. Flip through every page. A nice display of data visualizations.'
http://heavyeyes.net/?s=visualisation+mag  28th Apr, 2009
'looks at some of the best infographics produced by designers and artists today'
http://weme.info/wp2/?p=1952  28 April 2009 | IT
'the circle as a carrier in this small publication interesting, easily browsable through issuu' (originally said in italian)
'showing a brilliant collection of visualizations. TD is happy to be published in the Visualisation Magazine with an updated and reorganized version of ‘High Rise’'
'a groovy magazine by the guys at Visual Think Map'
http://hawk.jensfranke.com/ss09/processing/linksammlung/    | DE
'This issue is a survey of circular visualizations and includes opinion pieces and interviews. Its Creative Commons licensed and a nice effort, though for an aesthetic subject, the issuu platform they chose for delivery has some human interface issues.'
May Back to Top
http://eclectica.co.uk/2009/05/04/visualisation-magazine/  Monday 04 May 2009
'A great project by Chris Watson, whose web site Visual Think Map is an excellent resource, showcasing hundreds of examples of good information design and visualisation.'
October - released in print Back to Top
http://thehotstrudel.blogspot.com/2009/10/visualisation-magazine-circle-volume.html  5. Oktober 2009 | DE
'Sieht echt klasse aus. Freu mich schon auf die Ausgabe.'
'Looks really class/super out. I'm Looking forward to the output.'
http://twitter.com/krees/status/4815642978 Kim Rees (partner @ periscopic)
'New Visualisation magazine from @visualthinkmap arrived. LOVELY. Get it! http://bit.ly/naSjp http://yfrog.com/1rkj1uj'
http://www.gute-seiten.net/site/news/visualisation-magazine  24. October 2009
'Yeah, info porn: Visualisation Magazine'
November Back to Top
densitydesign - twitter
DensityDesign featured on Visualization Magazine http://bit.ly/wHhQc  

(pages 2-3 and 43-44)

18th November 2009
'Great visual map of the connections between free online sites to promote your content.'
http://www.fastcompany.com/.../infographic-day-30-free-websites-online-promotion  19th November 2009
'Visualization Magazine designed this chart, which shows 30 different Web 2.0 

services offering free sites, feeds, or embeds.

The chart itself looks incredibly daunting, and takes a couple minutes to decode, 

but it's enormously useful in mapping the sheer variety out there in the Web 2.0 self-promo ecosystem.'

December Back to Top
Visualisation Magazine: 'What is the project ultimately trying to achieve, besides offering a wonderful selection of visual candy?' By Maria Popova
http://twitter.com/eporres/status/6466780459  from web
'Looking for data visualization love? Check out: Visualisation Magazine http://is.gd/5g1zx and Visual Think Map http://is.gd/5g1AF'
July Back to Top
http://www.coolinfographics.com/---vismag-volume-3---interview-with-chris-watson.html  Monday, July 12, 2010 at 6:00AM
'Chris Watson, from Visual Think Map,  has released Visualisation Magazine Volume 3: Isometrics.  You can view it completely online, OR you can purchase a print copy from Amazon.com for $22.00.  This volume covers some of the great designers of isometric-style infographics that have been published in both print and online' 
http://www.vizworld.com/2010/07/vismag-volume-3-isometric-interview-chris-watson/  July 12th, 2010
'To celebrate the 3rd volume of ‘Visualization Magazine: Isometrics‘, Cool Infographics interviews the author Chris Watson to discuss how the magazine came about, how he works with the multitude of designers, and the future of the mag'

The latest Volume is based around Circles (above), featuring: 

The next is based on Isometrics. please send your examples of isometrics for the future issue 3.


Volume 1 | Under Re-Construction


Volume 2 | Circles | See who is featured | £ Purchase a copy on Amazon


Volume 3 | Isometrics | See who will be featured  | Coming Soon...

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