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Buy a printed copy of Visualisation Magazine Volume 2 - Circles


The latest Volume is based around Circles (above), featuring:


Theo Deutinger Architects


High Rise 2009 - revised especially for the magazine is an excellent way of comparing, grouping the skyscrapers/buildings of the world. 

Pitch Interactive


Oscars 09 - updated for the magazine has a brilliant use of circles to measure the success of certain categories

Density Design


Housing Poverty

Bradford Paley


Once more around the sun 09

Julien Bayle


Dynamic Clock 


Carl Tashian


Wine Flavour Visualisation




Global Internet Map

Tom Gauld


Watch Evolution

Zero Per Zero


Seoul Underground

Quentin Delobel


Josef Muller-Brockmann

Peter Crnokrak


Love Will Tear Us Apart

many more...


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