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Buy a printed copy of Visualisation Magazine Volume 3 - Isometrics


The Volume Volume 3 | Isometrics | Purchase a copy on Amazon is based around Isometrics co-curated by Arnaud Velten, featuring:



Paul Kahn & Associates


Information Architecture for the future INRS website. INRS, Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (National Institute for Research and Safety)


Extracts from: Applications of isometric projection for visualizing web sites by Kahn, Lenk & Kaczmarek



Foo Bar

Funnel Inc


How Books are Made

Good Magazine Inc & Timko & Klick


Where are all the Fish

Information Architects


Web Trend Map 2009

Pedro Monteiro


Black American History Month






Krzysztof Lenk | co-creator of Dynamic Diagrams




Chris Watson


Memory Visual Isometric

Tutorial. How to- Gibson Les Paul Exploded Isometric in Adobe Illustrator

Armina Ghazaryan | front cover photo


Arnaud Velten | hand heart eye logo on male


See how the magazine was made. Each magazine cover is printed in full color on cover stock and finished with a protective laminate-coating, inner spread paper weight 60# smooth bright white off-set, more details of printing here


Please note colours change slightly in print as opposed to on screen. 




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